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My Crazy Mutts!!

I am Haley Brown, Owner and Head Groomer of Indy Zoom  Groom LLC.  I have been in pet grooming since January 2010, working in veterinary offices and salons. I received my grooming certification from the Carmel Animal Arts Academy. I was also fortunate to have studied Wildlife Biology at the University of Montana.

 I have always been passionate about animals, so getting to work with dogs everyday is a dream come true. I grew up with every kind of animal you can have as a pet. My mother has always owned horses and I absolutely love to ride with her.  Dogs have always been a big part of our family and our life, which is why I take pride in being able to provide quality grooming services that pets actually enjoy. Nothing feels better than when a dog runs up to the van and can't wait to get in and see me. I take care of the dogs I groom the way I would want my pups taken care of! 


Dogs are loyal, loving, and goofy companions that add immeasurable joy to my existence. My goal is to some day open my own dog shelter, and give back to these animals that have given me so much.


Alexander the Great Shepherd



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