Indy Zoom Groom

Premier Mobile pet grooming

in Indianapolis

Our Bath+Brush Package Includes...

- Nail Clipping

- Super-Sudser Bath (includes any type of shampoo requested such as oatmeal, color enhancing, medicated, hypo-allergenic, etc. Also includes conditioner)

- High Velocity Drying (unlike most salons we do not use cage drying)

- De-shed Treatment (dogs with undercoat)

- De-Matting (if needed)

- Ear Cleaning (ear hair plucking if needed)

- Trim or Shave Potty Area 

- Tidy up Paws (trim hair around paws and shave between pads)

- Minor trim around eyes (if needed)

Our Haircut Package Includes...

Everything above with the addition of a full body haircut

Additional Services available

- Nail Grinding   $10
- Anal gland expression   $5
- Teeth brushing   $10